About us


The IEP Conference is produced by Progress Career Planning
Institute, a not for profit, business focused workforce
development organization that builds communities by
empowering people to pursue their potential.
Based in Toronto East and with representation across
the GTA, Progress Career Planning Institute is a highly
respected hub of key stakeholders invested in employment
and labour market optimization. For over 27 years, PCPI
has successfully served tens of thousands of clients in
achieving their career dreams, as well as spearheaded the
collaboration of government, private sector, academic and
community partners to support its diverse programming.
PCPI again benefited from longstanding financial
and in-kind partnerships with governments, professional
associations, regulatory bodies, academia, private sector
employers, media, and dozens of volunteers – many
who have supported the Conference since its inception
in 2003. PCPI believes that settling IEPs quickly into
meaningful employment related to their skills, experience,
and potential contributes directly to Canada’s economic
and social well-being.