The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC)

PEBC is the national certification body for the profession of pharmacy in Canada.  This website is the official source for information regarding the PEBC certification process for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

Ontario Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Program

This program provides training for Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners (PHC NPs) who are registered nurses, specialists in primary health care, who provide accessible, comprehensive and effective care to clients of all ages. They are experienced nurses with additional nursing education which enables them to provide individuals, families, groups and communities with health services in health promotion, disease and injury prevention, cure, rehabilitation and support.

Touchstone Institute

Touchstone Institute works to facilitate entry to training or practice for internationally educated health care professionals (IEHPs) by providing assessments to ensure candidates meet Canadian standards and education programs to help health professionals transition to training and practice in Canada.