World Education Services (WES)

The leading source of international education intelligence, WES is a not-for-profit organization with over 30 years’ experience evaluating international credentials

Welcome Centre Immigrant Services

Welcome Centre Immigrant Services provide a one-stop service under one roof designed to guide and support immigrants through the maze of information and resources including accreditation services. All services are provided free of charge

Global Experience Ontario

Global Experience Ontario can help internationally trained and educated individuals find out how to qualify for professional practice in Ontario. The one-stop centre offers a range of services for internationally educated individuals

ETS (Educational Testing Service)

ETS develops, administers and scores more than 50 million tests annually in more than 180 countries. It also conducts educational research, analysis and policy studies and develops a variety of customized services and products for teacher certification, English language learning and elementary, secondary and postsecondary education

Comparative Education Service (CES)

Comparative Education Service (CES) provides an educational credential assessment report for a fee that will show how academic achievements earned outside of Canada compare to credentials earned in Canada. Educational credential assessment reports can be used to apply for jobs, further education and professional certification, and for immigration to Canada

Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada (ACESC)

Members of ACESC undergo a rigorous self-evaluation process including a review of assessment procedures, experience, file management, personnel qualifications, documentation methods and reference material base. Membership in this alliance is an assurance that the academic credential assessment service offers the most effective, accurate and efficient method for evaluating international academic credentials

Accreditation Assistance Access Centre (AAAC)

Sponsored by Social Enterprise for Canada, AAAC assists internationally trained professionals and tradespeople with the development of their accreditation portfolio and custom action plans. They also provide advice on accreditation for employment, licensing and certification, training, job search and employment supports within the community